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Caveman Cult — Rituals of Savagery


Florida has a penchant for producing raw and primitive metal, which is just the case with Caveman Cult who play a mix of black and death metal described as “war metal.” The trio feature members of such acts as Shitstorm, Torche, and Mehkago N.T., to name a few. Showing influence from their Florida death metal forebears as well as Swedish death metal, the band has created a demo full of muddy, ugly riffs, phenomenally frantic drumming, and howling vocals. A contemporary touchstone is Blind Dead, albeit a less hardcore Blind Dead with catchier riffs. “Caveman” really describes the sound, and lets you know you’re in for one of the heavier releases so far in 2015. Punch your wall or drag your knuckles on the ground.

The cassette version of Rituals Of Savagery, from Wohrt Records, is currently sold out, but they have a CD version of the demo still available, and look forward to a split with Floridian raw punk/grind maestros Radiation later this year.

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