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CARIBOU‘s Dan Snaith has an ever evolving sound, ranging anywhere from techno to neo-psychedelic sprawl. Snaith once more upends expectations on his new album, Our Love, which teeters more on the side of clubby dance music. This carefree album is full of total jammers, leaving listeners unable to resist the urge to bop their head along to the repetitive beats.

The album’s lead single, “Can’t Do Without You”, is splattered with droning synths, jabbing lines and layers of echo. The result is a track that seems to continuously build upon itself, until about the three-minute mark where Caribou turn the intensity up a notch, creating a collage of layers and a sound that wraps around the listener’s ears from every direction.

Caribou seems to have been influenced by footwork beats while working on Our Love. Many of the songs, especially “Mars”, feature short ticking drums that set the song up for a quick paced rhythm. “Julia Brightly” follows in a similar fashion with a phaser on his syntheses, looping vocals and a high energy clicking. The result is an engrossing pattern which leaves you lost in the rhythm of the tracks.

Our Love features guest appearances by Jessy Lanza on “Second Chances” and contributing instruments from Owen Pallett on four of the albums tracks. Lanza’s lush vocals blend perfectly with Snaith’s bright synths. He matches her cool-girl vibes with patches that compliment her vocals without compromising the technicality of his own beats. Pallett’s violin adds a fluttering element to the tracks and brightens up their sound, which gives Our Love the light-hearted feel that makes it so enjoyable and accessible.

Dan Snaith continues to prove his brilliance with Caribou and offers a completely different vibe on each of his albums. Doing so allows listeners to tap into their own favorite sound of his. Whether it’s the more vocal and structure driven albums like 2007’s Andorra or this years dance-enducing Our Love, Snaith formats his sound to fit any occasion and any music taste.

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