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Rock N Roll Will Never Die was recorded live in 2011 at the legendary Heinrich’s Workshop in Tampa. After all these years, Wharf Cat Records has seen fit to release the LP in a stripped down and ultra-limited edition. The duo, featuring members of Cottaging, Dads and The Ukiah Drag, is now spread across the US, but if the recent tour is any indication, possibly sporadically active again. While Boulders obviously comes from a similar place, it has always felt distinctly different from its members’ other projects, drawing on more abstract influences. Chrome can be seen as an influence and echoes are heard of bands like Circle X and Jandek (especially something like the apocalyptic track, “The Electric End”), but the closest sonic peer is Mars. Like Mars, the music of Boulders is the destruction of rock and roll. Using minimal chords, the rock and roll format broken down into pieces and reassembled into an atonal, droning noise rock package. The angular guitar and clattering, clamoring drums leave no room for anything but feedback and dissonance.

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