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Blood Sister is a new passion project of Ezana Edwards, formerly of Night Manager. “Blood Sister” is the project’s new self-titled cassette, which is fifteen minutes of brain-filling rock riff screeches, dark synths, and glam stomp. When he plays live, Edwards has a band made up of San Francisco jammers, but on record, it’s just him, playing all the parts and stitching them together into a musical Frankenstein. Depending on how they’re combined, the monster lurches different ways — the first half sounds like dour 2000s post rock, the second half more like 90s grunge (“Ghost Twin” is practically Nirvana).

“Blood Sister” comes off equal parts arch and earnest, like most other good 21st century rock (or like “Blood Sister: One Tough Nun,” the religious revenge flick in Infinite Jest that is either a “grotesquely exaggerated” parody, a heartfelt AA homage, or both). The stompy drums and WOO-OOs feel kind of like a Marc Bolan planetarium laser show, and the song titles (“Witchcraft,” “Paralysis”) wouldn’t look out of place on a young Metallica fan’s trapper keeper.

On the other hand, the riffs will straight up slash your throat. Edwards is constantly slinging counterintuitive crescendos that tackle you sideways. While singing, he traffics with many worthwhile 90s alternative rock ghosts, but — even processed and buried low in the mix — still sounds like himself. Production-wise, he keeps the whole thing sharp and piercing without diving over the edge into peaky hellscape territory. It’s really good blood to have running out of your ears.

Check it out on Bandcamp, or order the whole thing from Bloodmoss Records.

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