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These Aussie punk troublemakers are at it yet again, bringing their unsettling, unique, and hard freak-punk to the masses via the unstoppable and ever-reliable Total Punk Records. Last year, they put out their great debut LP Cut Sleeves, which made some waves in the underground community, and now they’re back for more. Bits of Shit are out for total sonic destruction, with a chaotic sound that has touchstones throughout all of punk and hardcore music but still remains hard to precisely pin down. At times, they are especially reminiscent of early Black Flag gone garage, especially in the guitar playing. The music definitely sonically resides on the spectrum between The Rip Offs and Flag, but there’s certainly something else going on here too; something very strange and completely fucking wild. The frontman’s incredible vocals don’t stop at just snotty – it sounds like he’s spitting pieces of himself with every word and he sells it like almost no one I’ve heard. Despite the wildness of this music, these songs remain well thought-out, especially A-side “Meat Thump.” Ginn-isms abound, but don’t get me wrong, this is far from Black Flag-worship. B-side “W.W.Me” is faster and more of a straight-up power-chord-only ripper, but comes together so perfectly that it’s almost as strong of a track as the A-side. There’s just something about this band that sounds so fresh, unsettling, and destructive in the best way possible, though these sounds were all discovered years before. Bits of Shit are one of the most vital bands in recent punk, so be sure to pick this one up.

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