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Like Sung Tongs, A Circle is Forever (Hausu Mountain) is a record of psychedelic campfire songs. But instead of frothing with Dionysian frenzy around the flames, Big Ship evoke the smoldering embers. These songs are mostly instrumental, filled with vast open-voiced chords, the world slowly turning around.

Big Ship fixate on texture and mood through the guitar. The first half is mostly acoustic, using pedals to highlight incidental sounds. A hand sliding along the gaps of the strings is segmented and delayed like birdcalls at dusk, blending seamlessly with natural field recordings. Odd-tuned fingerpick patterns are a swarm of cluster flies, syncopated harmonics the patter of rain. The second half introduces the ringing distortion of the electric, overdriven clouds stretched across the sky. Feedback wind rushes by, tremelo’d through the trees. Other instruments make brief supporting appearances, most notably the overblown saxophone in the title track, but the guitar hauls the mammoth weight of each song forward.

This is a patient record, slowly enveloping the ear in darker shades like nightfall. It’s loose and flowing, and will swallow you. Go peacefully.

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