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Basement Babes Issue 8: “Too Heavy for You”

Too Heavy for You, a poem by Karina Suzanne


too heavy for you.


Being asexual means…

I’m good to have on the side.

Because I’m the girl you want to fall in love with

But you can’t fuck.

So you find someone who is,

as I’ve been told, just

Isn’t me.

She will never be me.

But she likes when you pull her hair

She likes when you bite her neck

Explore her thighs

Kissing her doesn’t end in disappointment,

You can get off every time.





Just not as bluntly.

I’m on a scale,

She’s on the other side

Say the word “sex”

And my side hits bottom.

Say the word “love”

Hi, I’m still down here.

Please, at least pick me up

and put me on another scale

So I can do this over,

and over,

and over


My asexuality doesn’t make me better than anyone.

I’m just sick of being weighed by how much I can benefit someone

Rather than by how amazing I am

Because dammit, I shine

And if I look dimmer because I prefer to not be touched that way

Then push me off your scale,

I don’t want to be weighed by your wants

What do you NEED

Don’t try to compromise with me,

I will not compromise what I do with my only given body.

Desire and necessity are so hard to pull apart these days

Welcome to the life of a side bitch!

Where commitment is never certain

You always end up feeling like shit

And someone,

*pstt…it’s me!*

gets hurt.

Can’t stamp “stable relationship” on me

Unless it’s on my ass

Can’t make out without grabbing my butt

Can’t sit at the dinner table without you imagining me naked

What do my boobs look like

“Her shorts are so short, she’s killing me,

I can’t do this.”

You can’t do this.

Then get the fuck off my scale.

* * *

Basement Babes is a collection of art, writing and thoughts related to or inspired by feminism and Boston’s underground music. Borne out of a kickass female friendship, this zine aspires to create an inclusive creative space for people of all genders, races, sexualities and backgrounds who are interested in a more forward-thinking art community.

If you are interested in submitting your work, please contact us at [email protected].

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