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Basement Babes Issue 8: Shout Out to Dads

"Shout Out to Dads," a poem by Yasmina Tawil


Shout out to Dads

Who are present and supportive

Who are kind and caring

Who are protective but trusting

Shout out to Dads

Who do not conform to traditional gender roles


some masculine ideals

Who share in the responsibilities

of the home and the family

Who are nothing like the clueless men in tv ads

Shout out to Dads

Who are raising children alone

Who are not the family breadwinners

Who stay at home with their children

or, maybe

who don’t get to see their children enough

Shout out to Dads

Who do not support or

perpetuate the ingrained ideals

of our patriarchal society


who at least try their best

Shout out to Dads

Who accept their children for who they are

Their sexuality

Their gender

Their interests

Their style

Shout out to Dads

Who love their children unconditionally

and who do their best to raise them well

Thank you Dads


[Photo also by Yasmina Tawil, featuring her father, Rabi]

* * *

Basement Babes is a collection of art, writing and thoughts related to or inspired by feminism and Boston’s underground music. Borne out of a kickass female friendship, this zine aspires to create an inclusive creative space for people of all genders, races, sexualities and backgrounds who are interested in a more forward-thinking art community.

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