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Iowa City is home to a little nest of musical weirdness it seems, and thank goodness. One playa in this scene is reclusive bedroom pop producer GEM JONES whose latest release from Goaty Tapes is just chock full of Prince-informed, jazzy, Jamaicanoid, pitch-shifted power guitar/synth-pop. ADMIRAL FRENCHKISS is delirious tapey fun, like the quirky sensibilities of ‘Bromp Treb’ mixed with the idm/soul acumen of ‘Jamie Liddell’. There are 10 tracks in all, ranging all over the spectrum of styles. There’s the playful synthpop of opener ‘Rock n Roll Dementia’. Brian Eno-id guitar delay in ‘Dark Sector’. Several Minneapolis Sound gems like ‘Ectomprphic Love’ and ‘Mystery Hotel’ play opposite jazzy numbers like ‘Grimeshock’ and ‘Black Lantern’. There’s a straight-up reggae piece ‘God in U’ which recalls tracks on earlier releases like EXHAUST. Part of the charm of these songs is the unique vocal styling which has an unbridled enthusiasm that’s infectious. If you are already a fan of odd pop (or just going to be) this gem is well worth a listen.

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