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The sidewalks are getting sludgy, and soon everything will be grimed over by blue de-icing salt. Looking for a song about it?  THE ABANDOS are a three-piece Philadelphia band who make fun, nasty, no-apologies city punk. ‘Blame It On The City,’ from their self-released Stiff 7″, is an ode to all the parts of the urban environment that most people step over — pizza crusts, squashed empties, drowned worms, 7-11 loaded Doritos boxes. The Abandos put it all through a grinder and came out with a 3-minute celebration. Frontman Street Kyle mugs like a gutter supervillain, strutting around absorbing power from “the rats and the trash and the filth and the hate” and punk-monologuing about it (“the trash on the street makes me stroooong/ I love it, I need it and it makes me whoooole”). A police-siren intro gives way to slimy bass, scuttling drums, and noir guitar lines. It’s a very effective call to the dark side, great for blasting from your barfront or garbage truck.

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