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A few questions w/ Rajen Bhatt

I asked the FRKSE and Divergent Series mastermind a few questions ahead of his Hassle Plague Series Stream on 8/16


Dan Shea:
Do you have any quarantine jams you’d care to share with us??

Rajen Bhatt:
You lovely purveyors of good tunes are urged to check out Iron Lung records ( for not just hardcore and powerviolence but also the expanded distro of weird synthpunk, industrial, and even death metal that they have to offer. So much good stuff on there to be slayed at full volume under lockdown. Also must tip my hat to the fine folks at SGG in NYC who also have a plethora of tasty jams. Let’s fucking go! Kick ass!


What music are you currently working on??
A litany of collaborations from the fine lads of 667. Desecration Anxiety 3/4 companion disc are in the toaster. And a bunch of other stuff I’ve forgotten about. No devils no deadlines!
What’s going on with your label, Divergent Series?
Languishing under the less bright moments of quarantine purgatory? Some releases are planned nevertheless! or instagram will be having the info.
“Everything in life is speaking in spite of its apparent silence.“ – Hazrat Inayat Khan
This stream you’re doing on sunday is a fundraiser for DIRECT RELIEF. What can you tell us about that org?
Direct Relief are a vetted Covid relief organization that has been trying to get people fed, acquire PPE, and to avoid getting shit on by the garbage administration which refuses to remediate this infernal dogshit vortex of misery let alone even acknowledge it. So far we’ve been able to contribute $500 to Direct Relief. Buy something at by August 17th and we’ll donate those sales to direct relief. Eternal war against the dicks!
When do you think we’ll be back to live music events “like before”? Any parting thoughts?


Playing live is not something that’s top of mind for me personally. I want to know when the most vulnerable of us will feel safe and not fucked over. I have to remain hopeful for better times ahead.
Also would like to give a huge middle finger to Dr Shiva Ayyadurai who is running for senate in Massachusetts. He claims to have invented email, panders to sketchy white dudes with rune tattoos and endears himself to free speech kali yuga soldiers. Not to be trusted in my opinion.
And of course shout outs to Dan, Rob and Boston Hassle.
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