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A few questions with Grace Givertz ahead of the Boston Hassle Xmas Flea

Come check out this folk singer's earrings and other hand made goods for sale!


Dan Shea: So, people might know you mostly as a musician, I’m pretty sure that’s how I first met you, but you’ll be selling earrings and other handmade items at the market on saturday. Which came first for you music or other creative efforts? Or, did one even come first?

Grace Givertz: Creative outlets have always been integrated into my life. I started really making music at 11 when I learned the guitar. I didn’t start making earrings until I was 16 and shaved my head. I freaked out and was like, “oh my god there’s nothing there.” I started wearing big earrings and acquired an addiction so now I just make my own! And people like them!

I still sell them at music gigs also so my worlds are kind of meshed entirely.

DS: Do you consider yourself part of any particular kind of music scene here in Boston?

GG: Being in the DIY scene in Boston as a folk musician is very interesting. It is hard to feel connected musically most of the time, but I feel that the community has embraced my music for what it is. I work at Club Passim, so I’ve had the opportunity to become part of the folk community in Boston also. I’m going to start a new scene called DIY Folk, out in 2029

DS: How does your music inform your other art, and vice versa?

GG: I don’t think my music and art mix very much except for when I’m selling merch at my show. I used my jewelry as a reward for Kickstarter pledges when I was putting out my album.

DS: When’s your next show? What else are currently working on?

GG: My next show is January 6th at Club Passim! I’m always working on new earring designs so I’m excited to share new things in the new year.

Come to the Boston Hassle Flea, Saturday 12/7 @ the Cambridge Elks, 55 Bishop Allen Dr in Cambridge. 12-6pm!!!!!!

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