2018 Year Enders

6 Photos and 6 Thoughts from 6 Hassle Shows in 2018


This year I went to a lot of rad shows and took a lot of photos. I’m awful at picking favorites so here are 6 photos from 6 shows that I enjoyed in no particular order.

1. This was one of my favorite shows at DAP this year. During this set I accidentally switched my lens to manual focus and couldn’t figure out why some of the pictures weren’t coming out sharp. Pain Chain rules.

Pain Chain at Dorchester Art Project

2. TRNGS is dope. DAP is dope. I also really like how this picture came out.

TRNGS at Dorchester Art Project

3. Dreamscape was awesome. It was also super quiet. Whenever I took a picture I might as well have set off a firecracker, my shutter sounded 50 times louder than usual.

Ellie Denison at Dreamscape 13

4. In Heat was a Hassle Fest set that I was looking forward to. Super happy I got to see them play. Also a big fan of Green Street Studio as a venue. Running around between venues this year was a good time.

In Heat at Green Street Studio during Hassle Fest 10

5. This was apparently the last time this tape of dogs barking was seen. SCUM rocks. Also this was the first time I met Evan from Tony Bullets. Shout out to Tony Bullets.

SCUM at Somerville ArtFarm during New England Underground 3

6. During Guerilla Toss’ set someone tapped me on the shoulder and asked “Are you their photographer?” I misheard them and thought they’d asked “Are you a photographer?” and said “Yeah.” So yeah, sorry person that I accidentally lied to. Hope you find this message.

Guerilla Toss at ONCE

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