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Clanging minimal industrial plonk. And it comes out of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. And it is called by the name CURED PINK, which is a gross name mostly for its ambiguity. I can’t find too much on the band (driven seemingly by one Andrew McLellan) but they appear to have a few releases under their belt (a new 7″ called Body Body Body is available from BLACK PETAL). “Body Body Body I Need It I Need It I Need It” is the better of the two tracks from this new 7″ here inhabiting a sound that veers from what I remember that band MEASLES MUMPS RUBELLA sounding like, and what I know SKOAL KODIAK to sound like. There is not much menace here, but at its best this music does create a sense of unease which the vocalist lives inside, slithering about the song’s many crevices. This is probably improvised, and right now I’ll take it.

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