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Unchained, and madly loosed up modern society is the hardcore of S.H.I.T., one of the wilder and louder bands out of a city (Toronto) that boasts quite a few. After 3 self-released recordings they branch out here as Seattle’s very nasty IRON LUNG RECORDS (run by the guys in the band of the same name) releases the COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUSNESS 7″. All songs under 1:45, classic Japanese-style hardcore blending awesomely into other hardcore approaches. Vocals drenched in reverb. Guitars meaty. Riffs charging and and dodging your expectations. The drummer phantom handed, playing some really interesting stuff at whiplash inducing tempos. “Nobody Knows Anybody” is my favorite of the bunch, a relentless and desperate blasted hardcore assault with forward momentum that feels like it could surely break through the mind fences of anyone who dare come into contact with it. The small move of adding dank ass reverb to the vocals adds the perfect layer of unknown to these already very strong, insanely urgent, crucially executed tracks. 4 songs on the record, 3 streaming.  Awesome band.

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