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Mad genius Alejandro Jordorowsky (El Topo, The Holy Mountain, Santa Sangre) nearly reinvented the Hollywood film industry with his audacious vision of Frank Herbert’s wildly successful epic sci-fi novel Dune. Alas, it was never went to be, as once studio execs realized the dangerously audacious vision Jodorowsky had in mind they quickly put the kibosh on the project. See for yourself what the Chilean surrealist planned to realize with one of the best documentaries, if not best films, of last year. Chock full of pre-production artwork and photos, Jodorowsky himself regales how he sweet talked the likes of Salvador Dali and Orson Welles to act in the film and recruited considerable talent such as HR Giger, only to see them find wide acclaim working on later movies. Head on to the Brattle Theatre and finally witness a missed magnum opus get its due.

5:00, 9:45 PM // Brattle Theatre // $10 General Admission, $8 Student/Member, $7 Senior/Child

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