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FRESH VID: Zs “Grain Part 2”



Brooklyn’s Zs are back, and on tour, but not to Boston (WTF!?) and they’ve released a new two track EP that is completely out of sight called GRAIN. It comes out on the great NYC label NORTHERN SPY which has released numerous Zs related recordings in the past. Only founding member and saxophonist Sam Hillmer remains from the previous Zs incarnation, and now he is joined by guitarist Patrick Higgins and drummer Greg Fox (Guardian Alien, ex-Liturgy). The music found here is as engaging as any you’ve heard from this group that is now ten years old and which has given us myriad sounds from that blurry edge where music school weaned minimalist workouts meets noise rock and experimental everything. Below listen to the half of the record compositionally credited to Fox “Grain Part Two”, a glitchy droning, buzzing thing apparently comprised of the deconstruction of unreleased leftovers of previous Zs line-ups. The video also created by Fox, of Japan by bullet train, is also pretty amazing. Much to look forward to when looking in the direction of Zs.

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