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7 Songs To Get You Through Cuffing Season

Hear what local Boston musicians have penned for these romantic times


The fall is officially upon us in Boston, which means the informal time of year called “cuffing season” is beginning to be observed. Whether you’re quarantine single, stir-crazily polyamorous, or just fantasizing about meeting up with that errant Tinder match, here’s some songs by local Boston artists that will carry you through this moment in history.

Yavin – “Hot.”

Weymouth-based pop singer Yavin (he/they) is a queer on a mission: good lovin’ for all, hold the judgement. For his new single “Hot.,” he enlisted the help of a few friends/babes to make a music video the whole chosen family can enjoy.  You see, “Hot.” explores the unspoken whimsy of queer flirtation, and the unfortunate anxiety that often comes with it. Even though askance glances from across the dancefloor aren’t so possible on Zoom calls, we hope you’ll take a hint from Yavin to get your romantic life started this cuffing season.

Karim – “Daydream”

The throes of young love are incomparable — at least before you break up with the person the day before Thanksgiving when you hook up with your hometown fling. That being said, Roxbury’s own Karim sums up that youthful sense of passion with “Daydream,” a song from their 2019 release Huemanity. When you start crushing hard, have Karim tell you what a daydream of your lover feels like.

Ava Sophia featuring Tashawn Taylor – “Love Language”

When two of Boston’s hometown favorites come together, the result is a mindful R&B collaboration that resonates along every line of the MBTA. Ava Sophia, raised in Allston/Brighton, sings resonantly in “Love Language” punctuating a hip-hop break from Cambridge’s own Tashawn Taylor. Having been featured on this year’s 617Sessions Sound of Our Town compilation, use this song as a compatibility barometer  — when your crush finally starts texting you back, that is.

The Sunset Kings – “Metronomin'”

The Sunset Kings have been real troubadours of the New England music scene for the better part of the last decade, and their most recent single “Metronomin'” keeps their energy pulsating, ticking, and tocking. When you finally get your boothang into your car/hooptie/Lyft, make sure “Metronomin'” is playing through the aux to secure the vibe.

Maliyah – “Twin Flame”

The mononymous Maliyah is Boston’s answer to Toni Braxton, a powerhouse R&B vocalist who brings the sultry and commands the microphone the whole way through. Though “Twin Flame” was released last year, we think it deserves a couple more plays. We recommend putting it on your “getting in the mood” Spotify playlist!

Eva Davenport – “Trill”

Another entry in the boudoir playlist genre comes from Eva Davenport, an R&B and trap artist straight from boogie down Boston. On “Trill”, Davenport slinks along the beat with breathy vocals reminiscent of Chanté Moore. If you’re not able to get together with your boothang because of quarantine guidelines, we encourage you to blast “Trill” from a boombox outside your lover’s window.

Luke Martinez – “Dance 4 U”

Last but not least is “Dance 4 U,” a sensual but upbeat pop song by Luke Martinez (they/them). Also known as DJ Saskia, Martinez has hosted drag and nightlife events across Boston, and is now based in Texas. When you find your San Junipero-esque quasi-lifetime lover, here’s the song for your nuptials.

HASSAN GHANNY is a writer and performer based in Boston. He can be found on Instagram @diaspora.gothic


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