2016 Year Enders

Zach Phillips shares an end of year poem


Zach Phillips is an extremely talented and strange musician, having made music solo and in ensembles such as Blanche Blanche Blanche, CE Schneider Topical, Heat Wilson, and Big French. He also runs the fantastic fantastic label called OSR TAPES  for which it is NOW OR NEVER as far as ordering from the label goes because the wonderful OSR will CEASE TO EXIST once this slimy year closes on out. Act now! Read below!


We all know that being an artist is the best and we released an article awhile ago called 25 Perfect Reasons Why Being an Artist is the Best. Thank you for visiting my site.

Be Persistent. Sometimes it pays to do the legwork before releasing your first solo album. You know, being an artist is always depend on two things. In your autobiography, you say two things about being an artist which are somehow contradictory, yet also complimentary. You are probably attracted to the sexual gestures the cartoon characters have, which is human body language, one of the two things artists can use to make a figure that relates to human beings.

Being an artist is not about creating work. Creating a medieval feel to the work is what the artist should strive for. Each little bald-headed man is subtly leaning his right hand on the circular conference table, pointing his index finger accusingly at the board member to his left.

I’m sure I’m not the only one. All sorts of artists are taking part, and prospective buyers need not be priced out. The results should be inspirational for anyone, especially DIY artists, with lyrical content acting as a metaphor for the band’s loss of members.

Artist. Coder. CEO. Philanthropist. Ninth-grader. I have SONAR Artist or Professional, but I want to move up to a higher version.  I hope that I’ve established that partisan political art is both outré and compelling in a most postmodernist way.

If music ceased to exist after the artist had died. What would you miss? Could you speak about what inspired you to tackle this subject? It is very unusual. The artist died on his way to our museum.

As for ideas – mountain hiking? The goal of art is to restore the smooth movement of tissues.  Martial arts fall techniques reduce hip impact forces in naive subjects. The harshness of war… The fate of the artist is unknown, as he is currently under house arrest.

“A lazy and arrogant man but brilliant when it comes to planning and deception.” “Well, not anymore!” the director said sarcastically as a thought dawned on him. And since I will only always represent one side in any transaction, you can be sure that all my effort is placed on getting the highest and best price for your home. Of course, if art isn’t the only thing you need, you’ll be a bit disappointed with this. However, there is one other option for a reward.

Yes, my player name is Frisk. Open, reverse, kick and turn, close, forward, be progressive. Happiness, inside, rock the boat, indecision, confusion, doubt, terror, fear, shaking with dread, right and wrong, dead or alive, the happiness link, heart and soul.

So I finally finished my art wars piece!! Yayyyyy! Note: I have a personal update at the end of this blog to explain why I’ve been absent.

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