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Zach Lanoue’s Top Ten Boston Music Videos of 2014


Zach Lanoue, local musician, artist, & filmmaker, was gracious enough to write up this very sick top ten list. Film? Music? We don’t know, but feast your ears and eyes:

A list of music videos from Boston bands and video makers to sum up the best visual-sonic collaborations of 2014. Click full screen and turn up the speakers!

Sonic The Drug Hog “Mexico Danger Zone.”
Best Overall Production
Directed by Erik Angra and Michelle Chaison

Director of Photography – Erik Angra
Additional Camera – Mike Smith
Hair and Make-up – Elizabeth A. Prior

Edited by Steve Onderick
Produced by Rob Potylo and Geoff Wallick, Adam Jones

A substance induced vision of pastoral confusion. Put together by the folks over at the New Alliance studio in Cambridge, who are also responsible for the awesome web series “Quiet Desperation” set in Boston. Beautiful camerawork and editing, the locations and animals make it apparent that a lot of care was taken in producing this video, and it all comes together to make a great piece.

Free Pizza “Net Babes”
Best Concept
Directed and shot by Casey Herz

Casey and Jesus hit upon a theme maybe all too familiar to our social media generation and executed it gracefully. Including celebrity cameos, Ringer Park show footage and the perils and joys of dating in the underground music scene.

Quilt “Mary Mountain”
Best Tour Video
Directed, shot and edited by Laura-Lynn Petrick

It’s just fun to watch the Quilt kids explore, even the camera is wearing sunglasses.

Cloud Becomes Your Hand “Sand of Sea”
Best Animation
Directed by Nanako Tsuruta

The hand painted undersea monsters made by Japanese animator Nanako Tsuruta are reminiscent of Terry Gilliam’s early work and unfold into a underwater voyage of epic scale.

STL GLD “Cocaine”
Best Cinematography
Directed by Mack Fisher

Director of Photography – Greg Pellizzi

The split screen throughout the video keeps us moving back in time to shows from years ago at the old Yes.Oui.Si space, with painted cameos by some incredible artists, and a backwards tour of Boston behind Moe Pope.

Guerilla Toss “367 Equalizer”
Best Computer Graphics
Direction & Animation – Alessandra Hoshor & Addison Adams

Editing – Alessandra Hoshor
Cinematography – Julie Nymann

A chopped and screwed approach to visual synthesis complements the sounds well. And no, I have no idea what’s happening either, but I think it’s better that way.

Nina Violet “All or Nothing at All”
Best Shadow Art

Nina Violet – Music and Concept
Alisa Javits – Shadowmaster
Jeff Economy – Camera and Editing

Nina and Alisa team up to create an entrancing story woven in shadow boxing woodwinds, floating worlds, thick bramble and swimming light. How the hell does this only have 11 views?

OG Swaggerdick “Supersonic”
Directed by Nineties Goulet, Paris Group Intl

OG takes your childhood and breakdances all over it to Game Boy beats to ridiculous found footage of wookies super slam dunking, power rangers and Sega Genesis visuals. Coupled with OG’s creepy clean charisma this video just puts you in a good place.

Streight Angular “Will Smith”
Best Use of a Hannah Montana Wall Clock
Directed by Al Polk

Everything else by Wild Barney Productions

High marks for guest appearance by Rob Potylo, extensive use of Boston and Cambridge locations, chasing squirrels and naked dancing.

Designer “Bye Bye Bible”
Video shot by Mona Maruyama
Edited and produced by Joe Mygan

Mona and Joe collaborate to create this static spasm fever show for the Designer guys.


Honorable Mentions:

Michael Christmas “Y’all Trippin’”
Best Dancing, Toddler Age Group
Directed by GoldRush

This would be in the top ten if it weren’t shot in NYC, But I have to recognize a great video featuring some Boston talent; OG bugging out with some great moves, and a hand embroidered sweatshirt by Pat Peltier.

Jellyfish Brothers “I’m So Sad”
Most Glitter Consumed by Ghosts and Zombies
Uploaded by Bill Hamilton

This is more a PSA about the dangers involved with glitter abuse set to music made by glitter filed keyboards, cymbals exploding into glitter, sinuses filled with glitter, ghosts sneezing glitter, water balloons filled with ghost farts and glitter.

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