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>Za! mini-interview/ GO TO: 3/12: Za! @ BATV w/ Amoroso & Streight Angular & the I.O.A.



Za! Go see Za! Go see Za! Wild Barcelonians let loose on BATV, open to all ages, great local bands opening! A noise rock dance party freakout is on the horizon. Will you be there? LUGER, from Madrid, who just played PAs earlier this week said that Za! was the best band going from Spain. So yeah don’t just take our word for it, ok? We asked them a few dumb questions…

1) is this your first time to the US? what are some of your expectations, and preconceived notions of your visit here and the US in general?

It is our first time in the US, indeed! Our expectations are to play as much as we can, meet as much nice people as we can, and lose as less money as we can! Luckily, having played with many American bands has helped us breaking most preconceived notions about the US scene and the country in general. From the US, I envy the capacity of organizing shows in very different places, in Barcelona you cannot play outside from a regular bar or disco with its expensive licenses and rents… On the other hand, I see American bands envy the conditions they receive in Barcelona (more money, a proper bed, wine for dinner!).
We’re very excited, every new country we’ve visited has always been fulfilling in terms of music, knowledge, friendship and places you’ve never thought you’d sleep in.

2) you have a wild sound truly, how did you all come create Za!? what are some of your musical touchtones?

Thanks for the wild sound, may PachaMadreTierraMoterEarth bless you with 100.000 kids, of ounces of fresh fruit.
We created Za! with the idea of not having any idea from the start, just adding whatever makes us happy, or makes us laugh, or moves us, or becomes a challenge. We like any music that produces an effect on us, good or bad, old or new, from the traditional chants of Papua to Rage Against the Machine, including This Heat, gamelan orchestras, Steve Reich, lightning bolt, Fugazi, Terry Riley, Tuvan throat singing, Khanate, Flying Luttenbachers, etc.

3) tell us about music and art in barcelona. how is it different than in other cities, regions, countries? who should we be listening to from there?

What I like from Barcelona and the community we feel part from is the variety of styles. Everybody plays very different things, but we all share at least the will of doing whatever we like. However, I think we’re quite lazy and accomodated, we could do much more things than what we finally end doing.
From Barcelona or Spain I would certainly recommend:
– Les Aus and their album “Haranna Hanne” (psych-rock impro duo, lived in US for a year or two)
– Betunizer (new band from Valencia, math-art-punk trio)
– Pony Bravo (Andalusian quartet, psychodelia and dub rock with flamenco roots)

4) what has been inspiring you and your art lately?

I think the biggest influences in the end come from very small details that we often repeat and laugh about it on tour, then one of us includes it in a song in a particular show, and finallly they become part of that song. For example, the “wah!” shouts with longs delays of the dubstar King Tubby… the way a japanese musician spoke the other day in a festival (we are doing a song singing what he said), or the accent of a half-Argentinian radio guy that runs a jazz program in an illegal Barcelona radio… oh, that accent!!! You’d love him, or kill him, he pronounces “jazz” like “chayyyyyysss”. Last show in Madrid we couldn’t stop repeating it.

5) why should everyone in boston come see you on 3/12 @ BATV?

Everyone should come because it is easier to see us in Boston rather than embark themselves in a hairy-chest-sailormen ferry, cross the Atlantic and see us in Barcelona. Besides, we are nice people, we do a lot of noise (not all the time, sometimes Pau plays the trumpet and
looks like an interesting guy) and we normally improvise with the audience, if they feel like it.

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