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Younghusband — “Better Times”


You’ve got to hand it to the UK for giving the world some of its more memorable proper nouns. While Boston has the drab-sounding Government Center, London has Piccadilly Circus. And does anybody remember Mary Wollstonecraft from high school world history classes? Joining this clique of fantastic names is the London-based band Younghusband. The origin of their nomenclature is somewhat unclear, though it is, apparently, a last name in the British Isles. How about that?

Now that that’s out of the way— Younghusband‘s blissful, gauzy psych-pop will have you forgetting about their unusual name in a minute. “Better Times” is a bit sweeter to the ear than than much of the great psychedelic and shoegaze pop of late, choosing to let its breezy double-tracked vocals shine in full fidelity rather than be shrouded in distortion. But somewhere, behind these honeyed vocals and guitar jangles and organ lines, there’s a morose streak to “Better Times”. It doesn’t make too much of an effort to hide itself; the song begins with, “There’s been better times than this…its hard to think of your tainted lips. In the morning, when the sun restores me, is when the darkness falls on better times…” In turn, “Better Times” seems like a long and cheerful (if unconvincingly so) sigh.

Stream “Better Times” below. It comes off the bands’ upcoming sophomore full-length release, Dissolver, out October 30 from ATP Records.

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