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Yeah You – Vhod


I love the directness of this music. YEAH YOU. Their name is direct. The relationship between the band members is pretty direct: daughter and father. Don’t get many of those do you? There’s a little bit of a Bjork if she were making lower-fi rhythmically smacking noise music vibe to all of this, and I mean how good does that sound?

VHOD is the 5th or the 6th release by the band (out on ALTER). This is kinetic noise music. It’s jumping out of the speakers. The electronic rhythms work into a lather on their own over here. The words, the poetry, spinning out of control on their own over here. In the best moments energies connect and intertwine and a small vortex is temporarily created. I felt it through the headphones. Like any good improv, the parts form perfectly like voltron (been watching the NEW one with my son and that shit rules) however fleetingly, and it is powerful. YEAH YOU certainly has power.

“if(newDom)” is 7 minutes and 5 seconds of rant and rap, noise and rhythmic noise. Buzzing synths and samples, field recordings and yelling. Boston’s SKIMASK synapse fires. This song is exhilarating though. I have nothing to hang onto yet somehow I’m hanging on as the ride just gets wilder and wilder like you know, that boat ride in Willy Wonka.

“Brackla_clergy” feels a bit more like a song in its evolution and with a bit more “singing”, sort of. But who needs singing? That stuff is wayyyy over rated. Can’t even believe I evaaaar liked singing! Jeez. This is like a ZOMES song if cheering mice were piled up @ the foot of the singer (who is having  a really sour day, and in the end actually decide not to sing after all).

This is where I say: definitely come to Boston. The natives will LOVE you! YEAH YOU is legit. Very happy to have found this band, who are currently broadening the boundaries of noise and noiserap and spoken word and rhythmic noise AS WE SPEAK!

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