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And now for something completely different. What do you think of when you think of Bangladesh? Islam? Tigers? Textile factory fires? Nothing at all? How about raw as fuck depressive black metal? How about raw as fuck depressive black metal by a fifteen year old? That is exactly what you’ll find on XARKRINUR’s new tape Dark Rituals, released back in September on the Berkeley-based Psalm 88 label. And when I say raw I mean REAL raw. Change arrangements on your face raw. The guitar tone has a bizarre metallic clang to it and the drums… well there are large portions where you basically can’t even hear the drums. The vocals alternate between classic mid-range growls and higher-pitched shrieks and song titles include grim pronouncements like “When Angels Cry” and “Screams of Darkness”. Basically XARKRINUR is kvlt as all get-out. If you like your black metal tapes short, evil and bordering on harsh noise, this has your name written all over it.

Dark Rituals is available now from Psalm 88

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