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Wume — Maintain


Subtle tremolo-like dynamics and unending variations of repeating lines are what make Maintain. It’s German-inspired, drawing somewhere from Kraftwerk and Manuel Gottsching’s E2-E4, and taking a bit from modern kraut-tinged artists like Stereolab and Dan Deacon. Wume consistently barter with their arpeggiated grooves, pushing for tense and teased progressions. When the synth lines pace themselves and keep from piling, you can hear how they settle on the limp drumbeats like a teething tessellation.

Immediately, you get the impression that Wume (April Camlin and Albert Schatz) hang out a lot. They anticipate, complement, and let each other breath, creating a very tangible intimacy. So even though the medium is nearly algebraic, this album didn’t come out of a chain of emails, but a clammy basement, the two marinating in sweat playing their riffs like a kinetic chess game.

Maintain is a repixelation of all the logic your brain can fester. Imagine the neurological explanation of your vision when you rub your eyes too much or when you become lightheaded. The album lingers in the space between focus and illusion and at its best it makes them appear the same. Maintain is a carefully crafted album coming out of the twitchy, slow-moving Balt-kraut scene that uses Ehse Records as its conduit.

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