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You know the Boston Compass – that FREE monthly newspaper you can find around town. Now you can support it, directly.

Since 2010, The Boston Compass, our sister print publication, has been compiled, edited and distributed to the people of Boston and across New England by the first of each month. After expanding in size (8 pages), scope (now covering art and film in addition to music), and number of copies (15,000), the Compass remains absolutely FREE to the people who read it- and it will always stay that way.

Initially this was possible because its creators funded its production entirely out of pocket. Now the burden falls on a team of incredibly dedicated volunteers. To offset the growing costs, in 2012 we began featuring ads and sponsors, but this revenue still only amounts to a mere 1/3 of The Compass’ monthly costs. So now, in 2014, the Compass team is going a different route: READER SUPPORT!

We’ve opened an account with Patron 21 to make it possible for Compass readers and appreciators like you to offset the production costs of the newspaper themselves! This is a consistent monthly giving platform: it automatically takes your contribution from your paypal account, so you don’t even have to think about it- just sit back and read the rag. It’s a truly exciting concept, to think that we can ensure the existence of such a thing by combining the efforts of the community who benefits from it.

If you read The Compass or even just support the notion of a reliable cultural resource being made by and for the people of Boston, please consider signing up! For as little as $2 a month you can directly contribute to keeping this project going and allow it to grow.

CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP! It’s super easy!
Whether you pledge or not PLEASE SHARE this with your friends and family!

This incredible image was done by COURTNEY WHITE! Find her artwork at

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