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The Christmas tree in my living room officially came down today (and by the time this is published there will be no traces of anything holly-jolly in my house), and this means I am officially in the interim space between holidays where I am allowed to brood freely without impinging on anyone’s joyous disposition (thanks mom, however, for the New York Times subscription it helps with the brooding).

The first soundtrack of choice: WILTED WOMAN‘S Demon World Visit. Her trance-inducing-(although not entirely trance music)-industrial-dance-creations, self ascribed as “anxiety-rhythm”, are intricately manipulated loops centered around the activating side of EDM and the isolating side of noise. Opener “Little Battery Lad” is a collage of screeching bleep-bloops with complex-tribalesque-polyrhythms that establishes the album’s vibrant core. I’m realizing that I have a tendency to describe her music with stacked modifiers, which although is grammatically unclear, it speaks to the breadth of her style and flexibility within each individual track. The loops, she reveals, are not singular statements.

“Dunce” a later highlight wraps wildly altered vocal samples around a flickering beat, and “Jaeger” matches this energy further into the album. The album creates cohesion through its own playfulness to be at once liberating and arresting; inviting and repulsive; foreign and familiar all while centering around the dance floor. Perhaps the most striking track on the album is its closer “Young”; an amorphous, yet beautiful cloud of electronics in conversation with each other like two teenaged droids swinging on the playground. For as aggressive and unapologetic as the majority of the album is, it’s a reminder that WILTED WOMAN has the ability to fluently speak many emotional languages. This is an album, however, for when you need to expel some energy.


1. Little Battery Lad
2. Cooling Off
3. Dunce
4. Famous Killer
5. Jaeger
6. No Guarantees
7. Tiki Hell
8. Young

Demon World Visit is streaming below, and the rest of her equally good discography can be found here via Bandcamp.

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