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WILDHONEY – s/t 7″


Nostalgium Directive once again proves its capacity to foster some of the raddest bands in the running with these fresh seven inches of dreamy, gazey glory. Wildhoney‘s newest EP begins with “Like Me” – this song has one foot in psychy swells and slip-sliding guitar chords, and another in trashy, detuned, washed-out shoegaze. As the fuzz crashes to a halt, “My Disguise” begins with its chimey upbeat dreampop riffs – talk about catchy melodies – and the whole thing falls into a graceful-yet-comfortable 80s drumbeat, before those arching flares of reverbed mess come whipping out on the chorus; the drums beat on, the bass carries the counter-melody, and the guitars fuzz themselves into oblivion with hacking chords until the very last note. When “Super Stupid” winds up with that feedback, you know the hammer’s gonna fall hard – so those crunchy, overdriven guitars guide you to the short-lived respites, alternating back and forth from dreamy to dirty, until the EP comes to a close with a fading wail. Grab a hard copy from Nostalgium Directive or jam the digital tunes – either way, as long as you get your hands on this monstrous shoegaze opus!

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