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The Whitehaus(Collective & Family Record), the place, collective of people, and record label that thrives within it, has been serving up amazing music and community in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston for a long time. Some would say that it is the heart of Jamaica Plain’s musical communities. Here’s a couple questions I asked and they answered about themselves and their upcoming annual celebration BLAST FEST 4 happening on sunday @ the Cambridge YMCA in Central Sq.

March 20, 2011 @ Cambridge YMCA Theatre, Cambridge, Massachusetts Featuring Welcome Home; Peace, Loving; Gracious Calamity; Jimmy Ambulance; Casey Rocheteau; Shai Erlichman; Brian S. Ellis; B. Law; The Needy Visions; Manners; Shira E.; Emma N. Young; Chris North Dream Quartet; Morgan Shaker; Free Pizza; Avi Jacob; Gobby
Cost: FREE, starts at 6pm

So who are you? Can you give us a little background on the Whitehaus?

Hey Dan! Whitehaus is the striking of a cosmic chord that we are still feeling
and riding its vibration to this very day. And another thing… And lots of other things. Slam Dunk question Dan. Some have called us an ‘ever evolving collective’ but yet i’ve yet to see this into eternity. Like all good things, they stick around for a while, and we’re just trying to do our part for the greater party while we’re here. We’ve become known for hosting informal gatherings in our living room, showcasing the artists that are really pouring their hearts out today, and we’ve never wanted to leave anybody out. Maybe that’s what’s special about us is that’s what’s special about you and somehow nothing can seem to get in that way of us. Me and you are just bound to keep being friends. I wanna draw attention to the fact that i could be anybody right now, and that the whitehaus has changed lineups year after year after year. The cosmic chord that was struck when Blaw found this place on craigstlist has waxed and waned various overtones, and it’s never been in one
person’s control. This all being said Whitehaus is also a self archiving machine, and we’ve just been hopping on the recorded-media-bandwagon because we all share a passion for RECORDS!

So what is Blast Fest?

Blastfest is more than the sum of its parts. It’s when all those people that think they might actually be a member of the whitehaus pushes around in a crowd joyously with all these other people who think they might be members of whitehaus. It’s all about rubbin elbows, showin it off, launching the people in your community further. Because sure anybody can have a blastfest in their bedroom any old night of the
week but this blastfest is special because WE ALL MOTIVATE EACH OTHER TO BE BETTER.
We’re all just sitting around right now at the haus saying ‘wow this is like christmas, i’m so thankful to be alive, and here to experience another spring w/ the people that are closest to me, the people i share meals and space with’.
snow drops —>crocus —->tulips —–>grape hyacinth —–>and then the magnolia in our front yard, every year has repeatable patterns, and we want to stand together like a new proud sprout every spring saying ‘here we are again!’

In its 4th year what is different about Blast Fest?

Well we’re taking the whole dang thing on tour that’s what’s different. Over the past years we’ve been lucky and i’ll say blessed to meet such great people doing a similar thing in cities all over this AMAZING COUNTRY! Unfortunately we can’t go everywhere cause this is gonna be a serious production. So we are limiting ourselves to 6 great dates in the great northeast! Check out our microtwitterspacebook for updates on who’s going where when and how close to you we’ll actually get! But seriously expect some of the same old stuff: wacky stage design, PB&Js, lighting cues, petting zoo, s.s. chill boat, sick local talent, and OH! this year is totally kinda different because the artists are all performing in 10min bursts and then their OUTTA THERE! so instead of a sprawling 12hr event, BLASTFEST 4 will be a compact 3 hours of face melting entertainment.

Are there any trends in the local music/arts scenes that you care to comment on?

Fine question Dan! I think we think it’s important to note the rise in rising energy
amongst the people today. It’s just gonna have to be one of those times where
everybody is taking it into their own hands, and helping out the person next to them
while their at it! Boston is the best place to live in the world and that’s cause
we’re all interested in making it that way. As far as trends, you can’t beat that w/ a stick dan.

What does the future hold for the Whitehaus and Blastfest and other Whitehaus related events?

I think we’re all asking ourselves the same question everyday Dan.
It’s all about surfing an idea all the way through, and it’s anybodies game!
Whitehaus is an open canvas, a blank book,
but i think we want to release more records, host more shows, and try to stay cool!

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