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Who knows? Angela Sawyer knows! And she’s playing as part of the Hassle Plague Series on 10/17.

But what her performance will be like on saturday @ 8pm is anyone's guess!


Hassle Plague Series stream event info…

Dan Shea:

Hello Angela! So, I know you tend to involve yourself in many, many live events during times not plagued by… well, plagues. How has not being able to fill your schedule with IRL events on the regular (or ever!) been for you? What are you missing/ not missing about them?

Angela Sawyer:
So before covid I spent 6 or 7 nights a week onstage at crappy little bars telling jokes and stories and playing music. A whole lot of those places have permanently closed, and that is just one of the very many things that stink hard right now, and will continue to fuck up everyone’s lives for a while. While we all wait and freak out and cope and work way too much and fall apart and everything else, I’m running a couple of regular zoom shows (an open mic every Sunday, a storytelling show every Wednesday). I’m also appearing on other people’s online things as often as they’ll have me. Mostly those are talking shows, but I’ve also done a couple of music ones, like for You can find out where I’ll be next at, and one of these days it will be in person.

Anything you are hoping can change about Boston post-pandemic?

I hope the post-pandemic Boston has more Black joy, fewer cops, lower rent, fewer people in prison, a free subway, ranked choice voting, and a shitload of wildass house shows.

All donations people want to make for the stream can be directed to Violence In Boston:
Anything you want to add about them?

Violence in Boston is Monica Cannon-Grant, who organized several of the largest Black Lives Matter protests here in town this year. She just opened a center in Hyde Park that provides a wide range of resources for those facing homelessness, incarceration, food insecurity, or trauma. She provides food backpacks for kids, free thanksgiving turkeys, mental health and legal services, a free computer room, and plenty more. Give her your money.


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