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YES.OUI.SI is an exciting new gallery/performance space/community gathering space located just off Huntington Ave. in Boston(around the corner from Mass Art). Bigger than it seems from the outside, and huge in its aspirations you should definitley be paying a visit sooner than later…

so who are you?

My name is Ellie Wetherbee. I’m an artist and collaborator currently finishing my BFA at SMFA. I’ve been involved Yes.Oui.Si. from it’s conception two years ago, in Tucson AZ where I came up with the name. At the time we were investigating renting a warehouse space, but ended up realizing that Tucson wasn’t the place and that returning to our community in Boston was the right plan of action. Two years later, here we are.

Who are we?
We are a group of 20 twenty somethings who have been working together since 2006. We comprise the artist collective called Great Fruit Productions. We began working together by organizing temporary multimedia exhibitions and events around Boston. space, tell us about how this came into being?
This past summer of 2010, Miguel de Braganza and Olivia Ives-Flores inquired about renting out the abandoned Rice Bowl Gallery at 19 Vancouver St;
Six months later, after a lot of teamwork and revitalizing of the space, came our Grand Opening Celebration on February 11th, 2011. Now we are open Wednesday through Sunday from noon to 5 pm, and for special events, listed on our Calendar at .

what are plans for the space, what do you hope to accomplish in the
near future with

We have already begun our multimedia exhibiton events, including recent musical performances from The Hogstompers, Mornin’ Old Sport, Many Mansions, The Needy Visions, Robert Duddy, and an experimental music series from NEC. We have also started weekly Yoga nights and movie nights.

Upcoming events include a theatrical performance called “Danny and the Deep Blue Sea” as well as Tincture & Tea making workshops, and much more music.
This is just the tip of the iceberg. We encourage all artists in all media to propose events, and special projects/workshops. Email your ideas and proposals to [email protected].

We also hope to become a meeting ground for all of us who comprise the artistic community of Boston. This is our space, where we can share zines, ideas, artistic work, theoretical projects (however grandiose!) and other local events. We encourage you to come in, post your events on our Community Board where you can find other interesting events and groups to hook into around Boston.

We are also continuously accepting work for our Artists Bazaar, the artisans marketplace, where you can submit artwork in any medium, anything under $300 if it’s for sale. Our Library of Stackable Ephemera depends on your contributions too! If you make something that you want to share with your community send it to [email protected]. This is our effort to create a constantly circulating art market made by the people for the people at a price that we all can afford.

what are your thoughts on the arts(and its communities) in the Boston
area in general, and how do you all fit into it?

There are many facets which comprise the artistic community of Boston through both underground and above ground operations. We see ourselves as a new format- a hybrid of different forms of operating.

Our bazaar is an opportunity for artists to begin selling their work, making the first foray into supporting oneself through their creative practice.

Our main goal is to create an accessible space that unites art work, music, design, the written word, new media and culture.

We aren’t quite DIY because we don’t do anything by ourselves. We operate more on a DIT basis. That’s an acronym for Do It Together.

Event listings?

Here’s a link to our Calendar

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper @ YES.OUI.SI…

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