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You could be at a basement show in space, communicating with aliens that sport leather jackets and combat boots, or maybe you’re just orbiting your hazy, dark subconscious. Most likely, you’re listening to Wet Guests’ latest demos.

“En Fuite” sets the tone with ominous, heavy sounds. It induces a sense of discomfort and tension that is only built upon by the chants and incantations that weave themselves into the dark instrumentation. The unearthly synths give the illusion that the darkness you’re floating in is probably the crushing darkness of space. (And if that didn’t convince you that you were actually not on earth, then the next track, “(You Can’t) Surf in Space” surely will.)

Wet Guests summon the most rock ‘n’ roll extraterrestrials in “Track Suits and Rain Boots.” It’s a solid rock tune, but the continuation of the unsettling, spacey synths brings it to that otherworldly level once again. Meanwhile, “Courtney” is an apocalyptic song that’s injected with the most subtly sweet, but poisonous vocals.

The demos finish with “What Part of the Future Don’t You Understand.” The sound rests on the cusp of era when punk was transitioning over to the slightly more melodic and electronic new wave style—it’s upbeat and light while still holding a very distinct rock ‘n’ roll drive behind it.

The universe is infinite and you’ll be hoping that Wet Guests’ demos are too after hearing their killer spacey rock tunes.

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