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Went There: TRIM, C.H.S. DogHospice Duo & Duendecitos @ DAP 2/18

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The Dorchester Art Project was home to a killer noise show Sunday night. The bill featured three duos, Duendecitos, C.H.S. DogHospice Duo and TRIM. For any fan of noise this was a sick show to go to.
Duendecitos’ set featured two guitars and a spread of pedals, all used to put up an ambient wall of sound. Both members of the duo locked their focus in on their playing for the entirety of the set, looking pretty stoic the whole time. Their guitar sounds ranged from static, to shrill and full of feedback, to chaotic and explosive.

C.H.S. DogHospice Duo put on an unforgettable set, bringing together a unique array of instruments to make sounds. When the group’s sax/bassist Sam Hadge started the set off by setting the bass up with a YouTube video of hockey vibrating its strings I knew we’d be in for something dope, and the duo definitely delivered. During the set cymbals were thrown, keys were run across bass strings and there was a toy guitar (I’m not really sure what it was?) solo. C.H.S. DogHospice Duo was as much a visual spectacle as they were sonically.

TRIM closed the night off with a just as visually amazing and wall vibrating set. Making use of every inch of the space, Victoria Shen, responsible for the duo’s synth sounds, stood on top of amps, sat on drums, and sprawled herself out on the floor. This was all while holding onto at least one synth, trailed by its wires. To compliment Shen’s use of the space, Dana Cataldo held things down on the drums, seemingly never losing any energy from start to finish. I’d previously seen TRIM at Hassle Fest and getting to see them make use of a smaller, more intimate space was a huge treat.

Sunday night’s show was an intense mix of talented noise acts and definitely one I’m glad I got to see. Check out the gallery from the show below. All photos taken by me.

TRIM, C.H.S. DogHospice Duo and Duendecitos, 2/18/18 at the Dorchester Art Project

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