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WENT THERE: The Thermals @ the Sinclair 4/25


Post-pop-punk trio the Thermals hailing from Portland, Oregon came to Cambridge a couple weeks ago to the Sinclair supporting their latest release “We Disappear.”
I am a self-described Thermals’ fangirl so I was front and center with my camera!
Opening up the show was Summer Cannibals also from Portland. With loud guitars and a driving rhythm section Summer Cannibals kicked off the show with a bang.
The Thermals setlist was a mix of songs mostly from The Body The Blood The Machine and We Disappear. We Disappear is a upbeat album, I think as a mix taking the sound of The Body The Blood The Machine and the sentiment from their album Personal Life. These are my top two favorite Thermals’ album so I love it. This is a funny mix because The Body The Blood The Machine is their most critically acclaimed album while Personal Life has been neglected by fans. Regardless, this show was high energy!
The Thermals are one of those bands that just reach across all grounds to have an eclectic fan base. The crowd was full of crusty punks as well as young professionals coming from work in a suit. Since many fan favorites were played a pit was constant throughout the show. Going to a Thermals’ show is one of the most joyful concert going experiences I’ve ever had; everyone is singing and dancing while Hutch, Kathy, and Westin interact with the audience creating a great back and forth. I highly recommend to anyone with the chance to see the Thermals to take it!
CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW TO SEE MY OTHER PHOTOS FROM THE SHOW. Listen to their new album “We Disappear!
Also, check out more of my photos HERE.
The Thermals

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