Went There

Went There: Oompa, Kyle Bent, Rex Mac 4/27 @ Great Scott

W/ Photo Gallery by Omari Spears


As of this moment I cannot think of anything as truly new & genuine going on in Boston as what Oompa, Cliff Notez, Rex Mac & Kyle Bent did 4/27 at Great Scott. Selling out shortly before showtime, this show checked all the marks. Inclusive, check. Diverse, check. And the music of course was of course from start to finish, in harmony with the past of Boston hip hop, and it’s future.

The gallery below says it all. In a city that is over 50% POC, it is time for the city’s music scene to begin to reflect this fact. Oompa, Kyle Bent, Rex Mac, History & Lysten Boston are at the fore of this emergence that sells out the most diverse crowds I have ever seen at a show in Boston.

This show was a significant reminder of both the importance of activism and community, but also the growth of Boston based artists performing relentlessly to an audience they form. Unfortunately I can’t provide a direct quote here, but it has been said of the poet Kenneth Patchen, that he ‘… burns the ears for an audience’ in that he effectively creates a need in the communities for those words to thrive.

Go watch it happen and be a part of the dare I say, Hipstory.

WENT THERE: Oompa, Kyle Bent & Rex Mac @ Great Scott 4/27/18

Chris Hughes is writer, music journalist & music editor for Bostonhassle.com. They can be reached at [email protected] or via @crsjh_ via twitter or instagram.

Omari Spears is a Boston based photographer & visual media artist. Follow him on instagram @o.shoots.

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