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Went There: Iceage w/ Mary Lattimore @ The Sinclair 6/27


The first thing I spotted as I walked in was a giant harp on the stage. I soon realized it was for the opener Mary Lattimore. She opened with instrumental ethereal harp tunes. For a few songs she brought out Johan, the guitarist of Iceage to add some volume. She introduced songs as being about the beach, whales and clouds. On one song she was looping in effects of her playing backwards and it sounded really neat.

It was nice to meet Iceage before the show. They are nice humble boys. I’m pretty sure they haven’t been around here since they played a Hassle show at Great Scott in 2014. Their early stuff is more like pure noise punk but since then they have branched out more into sexually and emotionally charged post punk. Elias Rønnenfelt has the dark swagger of a young Nick Cave. Most of the songs played were from their great new album Beyondless. They may have been a little tired considering this was the second to last date of their long tour but they still were able to show amazing energy on stage. Since it was pretty hot I’m amazed most of the band was able to get through the whole show in long sleeves. Elias didn’t really say much to the crowd except to introduce some songs. He did thrash around on stage during the more intense songs and lean towards the crowd. All and all it was a great show and I’m very glad to have finally seen Iceage.

Iceage Setlist:

Pain Killer
Under the Sun
On My Fingers
Plead the Fifth
The Lord’s Favorite
Thieves Like Us
The Day the Music Dies
Take It All
White Rune
Plowing Into the Field of Love
Catch It

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