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Went There: Big/Brave, Dreadnought, Glacier @ Hong Kong



Cambridge venue Hong Kong has recently started booking some heavy shows on their third floor dance hall. This sold out bill was one to see! Big/Brave has been touring hard on the heels of their last album “A Gaze Among Them” (a must listen,) bringing along Denver based Dreadnought, and local heroes Glacier.

Opening the show was Boston based Glacier who absolutely crushed. They played a few songs off their upcoming new album “No Light Ever”, which if this show was any indication, the album is going to be killer. Be sure to check out their last album and get hyped for what is to come.

Next up was Dreadnought, who released a new album this year. The set was great, but at times the sound was limited by the technical limitations of the venue. Jordan Clancy, the drummer, played sax during a few choice parts (AND STILL HOLDS DOWN A BEAT) while Kelly Schilling sings, plays the guitar, and flute. All great, but limited by the sound system clearly set up for more of a dance floor than a metal show.

Big/Brave closed out the show and they were epically HEAVY. The anticipation was palpable as they built their tone-henge out of the rigs of the openers. Again, they ran into a few technical issues with the sound system and had to knock out a song from the set, but they didn’t let it detract from the show. The set was amazing and as always seeing them live was a very visceral experience. They are able to sound so much bigger than would seem possible. Their music just hits so hard, being able to sound both brutal and beautiful at the same time.

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