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Went There: Battery March, Sticker Shock, Duck and Cover, The Vibrators @ O’Brien’s



At September 5’s show at O’Brien’s, Battery March led the charge with a force, waxing Oi-politic admirably. Playing a lot of songs off their 2019 Demo Tape, I’ve admittedly been listening to those releases since the show (big ups to the Camera Silens cover). With songs pointing specific spotlights on police brutality, nuclear weapons, evidence tampering, and more, the recordings are good, Battery March’s live show is better, and I’m hoping they’re here to stay for a good long while. I want to hear more.

Second up was Sticker Shock: straight-forward punk, fast af, songs barely breaching the 2-minute mark. Clearly playing to a crowd full of their friends, Sticker Shock was comfortable, funny, and at home at O’Brien’s.

Rounding out the pre-Vibrators local support was Duck & Cover, the least “punk” of that night’s bands (according to their between-song banter, not me) and the most traditionally pop-friendly. Energetic on stage and plainly into their set, they were fine, good even, but just not my thing. (Sorry!)

And then — the legendary Vibrators. Formed in 1976, the Vibrators’ current lineup includes drummer John “Eddie” Edwards (the sole original member consistently playing and touring, but so what), Pete Honkamaki on bass, and Nigel Bennett on guitar. Swoon. Playing everything a fan (re: me, and all those excited folks at the front) could hope for — “London Girls,” “Automatic Lover,” “Amphetamine Blue,” “Whips & Furs,” “Cadillac” (with a special dedication to recently passed Tara Julian), “Baby Baby,” “Disco in Moscow,” and more — phew, how could that get better?

Well, I’m GLAD you asked! After covering The Members’ “Sound of The Suburbs,” the crowd was clued into the realization that Bennett on guitar is the same Bennett from The Members (and notably, lead guitar on the original Sound of The Suburbs recordings).

Say what! I dunno, y’all, it might’ve been all the High Life, but that completely blew my mind.

Needless to say, The Vibrators’ set was awesome. Most (all?) of the songs they played that night were written well before I was born and I felt so much gratitude for the opportunity to hear them played so spectacularly live at O’Brien’s. Cheers.

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