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Went There: 10/28 Story Time at the Ape’s Nest @ Industry Lab


I remember having a hard time answering a friend who asked what I had planned for the rest of my Saturday night.”I think it’s sort of like The Moth, but fiction and with live music?” As someone who had never been to a live Storytime at The Ape’s Nest I really didn’t know what to expect.

Hosted at Industry Lab in Cambridge, Storytime at The Ape’s Nest showcased a mixture of artistic talents. Performers read their fictional stories with topics that ranged from how to properly shave a seal to Yelp reviews from Satan. Accompanying each reader were musicians whose ambient improvisation helped to shape the mood of each story. Last live show had a special Halloweeny touch, complete with appropriate decorations and costumed spectators.

The variety and creativity in each performance was a refreshing way to end a Saturday night. As someone who’d gone into the experience not knowing what to expect I left incredibly happy that I’d gotten to attend a Storytime at The Ape’s Nest and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a night chock-full of unique art. & While I was there, I also took some photo’s to perhaps inspire you to go. The audio episode by Chris Braiotta is linked below the photo’s.







Photo Credits: Omari Spears


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