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Roughly a month ago, we here at the Boston Hassle decided to combine our monthly HASSLE NIGHT with SCANNERS NIGHT, another monthly event for which we unite with OPEN LOOP to bring you the fruits of dance and noise music’s soldered intersections. Evidence of this rare happening thankfully exists in the form of the video above in which you can see an excerpt of Providence beat-pusher UNICORN HARD-ON‘s thumpin’ set. A UNICORN HARD-ON performance overtakes your bones with kick samples that boom with brute physicality in their unwaivering commitment to four-to-the-floor rhythms. These songs set up shop in your cranium while your body gets to movin’, and before you know it, a track has morphed into a slower, plodding relative of itself with newly mutated snippets of sound layered on top. You can see and hear that UNICORN HARD-ON relishes in the groove, messing with sounds from one arrangement to the next without losing a danceable flow of sound. The Lilypad was lucky to have these beats bouncing around its walls that night. Let’s hope we’ll be able to catch some more of that glitchy buzz from UNICORN HARD-ON somewhere in Boston in the very near future!

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