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WENT THERE: PALBERTA @ Deeeepy 2/27/14


I’d been hearing about these women over in the Hudson Valley. Bard folk with a special no wave enthusiasm was the talk. I’d listened to their latest recording out on the splendid OSR TAPES and I was really feeling what Lily, Ani, and Nina are up to with their band PALBERTA. Making a wise decision I sought out the confines of that special and spacious area, that I shall call Deeeeepy, last week to see PALBERTA play. I had also wanted to see New England heroes BENGEORGE7 play on this night, it would have been my first time seeing them in I’d wager 8 or so years, but the stars were not aligned or some crap like that. Anyway, PALBERTA is a really fantastic band that conjurs memories of bands like KLEENEX, ERASE ERRATA, and THE RAINCOATS in an overarching sense and U.V. PROTECTION and SQUIDS to put it in Boston terms. Theirs is a stuttering, funky post-punk that walks that nearly invisible line that lies somewhere between indie pop and raging art punk. The trio constantly switches instruments during their set which no doubt contributes to the different, but unified feels they were bashing out. Definitely feeling the whole that is created via the spectrum of musical flavors these ladies are able to access during their set. The live vid above is as shitty as ever, but it sounds decent. Two songs are included. I really liked both, but especially enjoyed the second one with the breakdowns where the drummer and bass player would try to “coax” the “shy” guitar player back into playing as she sent wobbling guitar bends off into the atmosphere. A great take on classic forms injected with new ideas and a good measure of piss n’ vinegar. Will check out again!

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