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WENT THERE: HORSE LORDS @ Neverland (JP) 5/31/14


Baltimore’s polyrhythmic krautrockers HORSE LORDS spun a web of shifting, dense jams at Neverland in JP just a month or so ago for a B.O.W. show that also boasted a cast of local rock freaks. Their brand of propulsive, instrumental prog is kaleidoscopic but not in a psych-rock kind of way. Instead of effects-drenched solos (which are also sweet) HORSE LORDS deliver hallucinations with some psychoacoustics in mind, managing to incorporate things like just intonation tuning and overlapping rhythmic grids into their entrancing, and actually DANCEABLE music. Not only do they incorporate those ideas – they vibe on them faithfully and to great success. Whether the time signatures and key signatures matter to you or not, the bottom line is that this band brings energy and imagination to the instrumental format. Watching this band perform is like catching a mix of jam-band euphoria and athletic achievement all in one performance. The focus and the joy comes through – guitar lines slink and twist into new shapes, drums are light and powerful on their feet. Watch the video above to see an excerpt of this Maryland four-piece doing their thing right here in Boston. Let’s hope they’ll be back soon!

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