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Caught the nasty trio of BUGS AND RATS over in JP in the basement of a house on a steep hill, just a few weeks back. Was a B.O.W. Show… The cops came, but the show was able to continue. Be smart, keep your head down, always be having a party, never a show. The band was OFF THE CHAIN on this night, packed into this basement as we were, the band could not not be packed in with us. So things got intimate, and thankfully I had ear plugs, because otherwise my brains may have gotten BLOWED OUT. Lots of new songs tonight, not sure what the deal with this one is or not though. Such a dynamic band. Kellzo what an insane drummer. When I think BUGS AND RATS I think: noise rock, Nirvana, agitated punk thunder, metal – noise rock – punk bashed together until all that’s left is teeth, maybe part of a nose. But Kellzo man, he is undercover. Sure he’s bashing away at times but watch him play sometime and see for yourself the many maneuvers and approaches that he brings to the table that you would not expect from the drummer in such a RAGING and at times BLEAK band. Take in all the BUGS AND RATS you can.

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