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California band WCKR SPGT has a history of pushing boundaries and challenging industry expectations. Their latest music video for “CHICKSTER”, off the 2014 cassette EP, TOP DOWN, continues the tradition.

The video, a no-frills anti-production, forces the audience to space out and focus on the music. Taken by a single camera stuck on a van dashboard, “CHICKSTER” takes you on a fast-paced joy ride around California backyards and highways. If you’re prone to carsickness, I encourage you to look away at regular intervals. Cars and scenery whiz by at an uncomfortable speed.

Since the band’s inception in 1981, WCKR SPGT has refused to bend to any normalized ideas about what a band needs to be, sound like, or produce. Where other bands pull fans in with high-quality, high-cost videos, “CHICKSTER” challenges viewers’ expectations from the start.

The song itself is all drums, electric guitars and loud, clear vocals. The seasoned band’s ever-youthful angst shines through, and with defiance, they urge you to “weaponize your lack of class.” Cleary, even three decades later, WCKR SPGT has stayed true to their art punk roots.

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