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Noraa Kaplans’ “debut” EP look for yourself is an overlooked fusion of opera, classical, and pop for all to enjoy. Touching on topics like, but not limited to: gender identity, vulnerability, trauma and empathy, this EP creates a powerful but calming atmosphere.

The first and third tracks “the same old eyes” and “shut me up” are my favorites. Starting with the opener, “the same old eyes” is an introspective take on gender fluidity and “passing” in a society where how you look determines your wage, friendships, and lifestyle. This song is a deep and meaningful song to listen to and take in. This song also feels rather beautiful to listen to instrumentally with its lush vocals as well as simplistic yet effective piano.

“Shut me up”, I feel, is an optimistic look on being abandoned. Being abandoned usually associates with loneliness and other depressing emotions for me, but Noraa uses abandonment to be truly free and feel liberated from oppressive structures. It really opened up a new perspective to look at abandonment with and I can now say that if I ever get abandoned or isolated, I can make the best of it.

These two songs stick out to me the most but “i moved to kiss you” and “dine and dash” are also spectacular. If you can, definitely buy the tape because it has a bonus track only released on that format!

In the end this is a wonderfully executed project by Noraa and I am looking forward to nothing but more material from her.

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