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Violence Creeps — On My Turf


I was unfamiliar with Violence Creeps going into this review, but as the violence began to creep from my speakers, I was pretty immediately sold. On the self-released On My Turf, this Oakland group offer up a trio of gnarly punk songs delivered with grit and fury.

The high-in-the-mix bass and stabby guitars of “Sex Menace” could almost call to mind Gang of Four-style postpunk, except with a more primitive, less disco-inflected drum style and a furiously hardcore delivery from vocalist Amber.

“Drop Out” propels itself on a repetitive guitar chord and brings some back and forth vocals into the mix, with negative, mean lyrics and loud feedback that calls to mind the Death Wish Kids.

The other track, “On My Turf”, is minimal and sludgy and longer than both of its predecessors combined. The saxophone on this one adds a nice, skronky, no-wave counterbalance, as well. It’s guaranteed to appeal to anyone who enjoyed Flipper at this year’s Boston Hassle Fest, but moreso reminds me of Teddy and the Frat Girls. Does anyone even know Teddy and the Frat Girls? Look ’em up if not.

Anyway, Violence Creeps are a great new discovery and I hope to hear a lot more of their fucked-up, scuzzy punk rock tunes.

On My Turf is available now from Violence Creeps’ bandcamp page.

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