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Vile – Vile Says Fuck Off

Hard to define feeling.



[FA’s labyrinthine release history note: This is
a confusing one. Self-released LP from ~1983. Fr-
om this, two tracks were culled for a 7″ 45. Rel-
eased around the same time. It appeared in digit-
al form recently. March or something. I knew it
was too good to be true.]

I floated in the dark waters, belly facing the n-
ight. Gazing map at the sky and soft pulsing sta-
rs. Far out lights on the horizon at distant s-
hores. Sleepy with froggy eyes, splayed across t-
he undulating surface.

I notice two flashing green lights nearby. The-
y’re engaged in some form of silent dialogue wi-
th the strobing white across the channel. Unus-
ual noises. Pleasant horns and mysterious splas-
hing. This is a strange place.

Earlier, I passed along streets feeling confused.
The cool air a healing force and wound as I rode
a neglected bicycle. Blinding headlights summoned
rapid changes in direction leading to replicant
endless gridlike avenues and roads. This somehow
reflected musical ideas; escape from convention
and familiarity, if you can.

I saw the lights several times beside and across
the water. Traveling my strange endless circuit I
would return to the water and the glowing white &
green. The roads were dark. Similar and different
in appearance. Not lost, although occasionally I
would discover strange, novel, pockets of landsc-
ape bearing scents of rotting sea.

The sky looked different. The constellations unf-
amiliar. It was just an image, but I descended i-
nto the dark waters. Exhausted. I was dead. It w-
as time to sink into the waters and have the ima-
ges fade one last time. At least until tomorrow. I
write this and then drown in an ocean.

Editor’s Note: Vile is a vile band. Boston Hassle do not agree with Vile’s message or politics. Vile, nor any part of this review, does not necessarily reflect Boston Hassle’s editorial mission.

…As for the music, they had the typical old Boston HC sound like the FU’s or Jerry’s Kids, which makes them automatically good. The main reason the record was so hated was because of some extreme right wing lyrics some of the songs contained. You have to hear it to believe it.”

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