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Long-running breakcore institution VENETIAN SNARES, aka Aaron Funk, has really taken things to another level on his 22nd album My Love is a Bulldozer. Best known for his maximalist, complex drum programming and strange time signatures, some time about a decade ago Funk also started layering modern classical string arrangements and almost gothic/medieval atmospheres into his high bpm skittering breakbeat cacophony.

Those elements are plentiful on My Love is a Bulldozer, but they are joined by very effective SQUAREPUSHER-style jazz flourishes and (unexpectedly) a number of impressive vocal performances by Funk himself. His singing is rich and epic, almost operatic in delivery. The album maintains a very specific mood from beginning to end, a relatively unique sort of desperate, yearning romanticism that sucks the listener in completely but can leave you feeling breathless and exhausted by the end.

While breakcore as a genre may not be enjoying the level of popularity it had in the late 90s/early 2000s, I’ve been starting to notice a resurgence of interest in high BPMs and classic Amen-style hardcore breakbeats coming from some unexpected clusters within the wider EDM universe. If more new artists can take that to a place as weird and woolly as Venetian Snares, I say bring it on!

My Love is a Bulldozer will be released via Planet Mu on Monday, June 16th. You can pre-order it now here. His current tour will include two stops in NYC but alas, none in New England.

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