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As ubiquitous as it has become, the techno/noise hybrid beast that emerged from the moldy basements of America in the last several years is still stunning, physical, and grotesque. It still seems tough to keep up with all those one-off cassettes, limited 12″s, and constantly shifting aliases. Thanks to the new Perc Trax-offshoot Submit, listeners can now at least gain a primer on the current “technoise” situation.

Feral Grind is a compilation of music from this fragmented, nation-spanning scene, put together by Ali Wells (Perc) and genre specialist Justin Farrar. Submit only has one other release to its name (an EP of reworkings from an early Einstürzende Neubauten album). Both have so far succeeded in promoting Wells’ aim of focusing on music that is “raw, improvised, and frayed at the edges” while only sometimes featuring rhythmic accessibility.

Better known artists all put in incredibly strong work here – Pete Swanson’s “Pleasure Averse” and Profligate’s “Swarm” are definite standouts on the dancefloor side of things. Even more exciting, though, is the unknown. Pittsburgh’s Trogpite lures us deep into the dungeon with pulsing toms and horrific groans. Indignant Senility hails from Portland (Oregon) and offers up a constantly decaying hint of a dance track. The real standout here, though, might be from one of the real veterans of the bunch (aside from Swanson). Wolf Eyes’ John Olson dons the Henry and Hazel Slaughter moniker for a destructive batch of manipulations that works on every level.

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