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UNITED WATERS – “Out Of Flight”


Some pop for the underwater set right straight from the horse’s MOUTHUS. Sorry, UNITED WATERS (an NYC trio featuring Brain Sullivan of experimental/ noise something favs MOUTHUS (and the BEER DAMAGE duo with Pete Swanson), as well as KHF’s Patrick Cole), just released another album, their second, SUNBURNER, via BATHETIC RECORDS. The record is full of pop experiments and faded pop songs full of guitars that bend in the wrong direction but always wind up coming back around to find resolution (usually at least anyway). Sullivan sings on top, his monotone baritone bobbing constantly between submersion and riding the surface, a state in which the multiple guitars present also find themselves. UNITED WATERS provide a deeply layered sound, muffled & obscured purposefully, producing an end product that is something like pop songs created by one of those bubble boys (sorry bubble boys). Actually, I rescind my apology, bubble boys should be proud if this is what their output amounts too.

“Out of Flight” is the song we’re dealing with here, the one with the faded and fuzzy video seen above. An hypnotic creeper. Non-stop drum machine, ephemeral electronics, and many residual echos haunting the background scenery as guitars skim along the surface. Deadpan vocals from Sullivan don’t stop this being some kind of jangle pop number. Definitely available for getting lost in, whether your coming from psych pop, or just looking to move beyond your normal pop rock method of listening. No credits for the vid, that I could see anyway. Check out the whole album, I’m feeling this, getting some 4am comfort vibes.

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